Battersea Art Centre Wedding Photos

Battersea Arts Centre Wedding!

This was the second couple who smiled constantly throughout their wedding! No complaints about that! It is a dream when people ask for a  documentary wedding and follow that through for every second of the wedding! All the way — it was just reportage, with only a few staged moments. The bride was from Australia and many friends and family came to celebrate. Some she hadn’t seen for many years, so you can imagine the excitement and emotions. I couldn't stop taking pictures! The ceremony was held at one of the most amazing places in London — Battersea Arts Centre. The pictures tell their own story of this magnificent venue. Luckily for us we were allowed to spend 5 minutes in The Grand Hall. When we were there 2 things occupied my thoughts — ‘this is heaven’ and ‘I have to be super quick as the time is ticking on! ’

A few drinks and all on board — a double decker bus  just for newly weds and their guests! 

Next stop — Westminster Boating Base. Another wow place which I would recommend purely for the view, right next to the River Thames. Dinner, Toasts, Cake Cutting followed,  but the highlight of the evening simply had to be the skill and polish demonstrated on the dance floor......from the very first dance. As you can see from the pictures I would honestly hesitate to crown a dancing queen and would simply have to award trophies to all Australian guests.

From the bottom of my heart — this didn’t feel like work! it was simply paradise for me as a photographer!