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Church may not be Heavenly for Everyone!

 Over time wedding traditions have changed in many ways. Wedding gowns may be longer or shorter, trainers may be chosen over traditional wedding shoes, horses can be replaced by cars or buses as a mode of transport and venues can range from hotels to barns and pubs.But one thing remains mostly unchanged — a church ceremony. If you decide on a church ceremony there are a few things you will need to consider in order to get what you are looking for at the end of the day.

Most churches are beautiful old buildings with traditional architecture, vast spaces, but often very, very dark. A heavenly, idyllic setting perhaps for all, but not quite so for the videographer and especially the photographer.Lack of light limits what can be done to maintain the quality of photos. As a result most wedding albums from a church will be in black and white, as this is the most efective medium. Most churches forbid the use of fashes which just adds to the complication. In addition, the bride and groom should be aware that in some churches the priests or vicar may not allow the taking of any photographs during the ceremony, or allow just a few at the end.

 Alternatively, some priests or vicars may be happy to allow photographs, but place restrictions on the movement of the photographer. This will mean that all of your photographs will be taken from the same angle.

My advice would be to talk to the priest or vicar who will be conducting the ceremony in order to gain a clear vision as to what restrictions will be placed on the photographer and which moments may or may not be captured in a photo. It is important to be very clear on this as it will avoid disappointment.