Hayes Wedding Photos

Hayes wedding!

Wedding, complete with two lovely children! 

Uniquely the groom cooked pancakes and did everything he could to make the  morning preparation a bit different!  Instead of having a best man to help with dressing and showing support, this groom and dad helped his excited little boy to prepare!

The younger son stayed with the bride, but the presence of family allowed her all the time she needed for her preparation! 

There are so many stories about kids and weddings, all of them happy and funny They always brings the unpredictable!  You can ask, plan and rehearse for them to do something, but don't expect anything! They live that day in their own little bubble.

The bridesmaids were allocated the job of taking care of confetti, a job that they undertook with utmost seriousness. !!! At one point,  through the vast quantity of confetti I totally lost sight of the newly weds! Eventually  I found them! 

 When the time came for official pictures I was so thankful I had taken a flash with me. On one side we had a parking area and on the other, a killer sun.  Be ready for the best, but prepare for the worst, I was ready