Leatherhead Wedding Photos

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Good luck to cry on your wedding day? — the delightful belief that a crying bride means she will shed all the tears she has and will not have any to shed during her marriage! There are many diferent types of weddings, with varying degrees of happiness. Some that are funny, others full of surprises,  well organised weddings, others not so well organised. Weddings can be big, small, expensive or on a budget.However, there is another element that can strike you during a wedding. That element is emotion. It was the emotion that truly struck a note for me in this couples’ wedding. A bride whose family were unable to attend, whilst the groom’s family clearly demonstrating their love for their future daughter in law, making her feel as comfortable as possible through their obvious delight at welcoming her into their family, giving their full support to her as well as to their own son on this very special day. She was emotionally so touched that throughout the ceremony she had to battle with her tears. The ceremony was beautiful, many tears,  many kisses, so much love and many personal moments. To this day I still believe this was the most emotional wedding of my career. I wish this couple the happiness and success that they honestly deserve.