Trafalgar Square Wedding Photos

It was all funny planned! Thanks for a wedding couple who had there vision how you can get more from very limited time on wedding day. They had ceremony at church 1PM, so we decided to go for photoshoot with bride and groom earlier, 7AM make up artist was aranged, by 11AM we started our wedding photoshoot at Trafalgar Sguare! It was a lot  of people (of cause) but couple was so relaxed and positive that we didn't even see that much distraction. After we had enough pictures to play we jumped to a taxi and came to the St Faiths Church. 45 minute ceremony and we all back  this time to many taxes, going to beautiful Granaio restaurant based on epic Piccadilly circus. Granaio restoran is an amazing place, has privet  room for events or wedding celebration, definitely would recommend 

Trafalgar Square WC2N 5DN

St Faiths Church  TW8 9NA

Granaio Restaurant W1J 9HP