Uxbridge Wedding Photos

Zuzana and Larreo: A Documentary London Wedding

It may have been true English weather, an iron-grey sky, with a definite chill, but this full day wedding was no less beautiful.  Full of classic details and traditional ceremonies, Zuzana and Larreo celebrated a union in some style.

Wedding Preparation

One of the favourite parts of the day for a wedding photographer is the bride and bridegroom preparing with close friends and family.  The art of capturing the story of a day comes from portraying the emotion, and this early preparation is clearly bubbling with excitement and nerves.  

The groom and his groomsmen had a raucous time in preparation in the hotel, and it was genuinely fun - champagne and grooms flying here and there.  They scrubbed up well too, suave to say the least.

The bride's preparation was marked more by her calmness and the nerves of those around her.  The odd giggle and smile. There was a quiet determination to make Zuzana look stunning.  It was just too tempting, we had to do some styled out posed pictures – with the backdrop of the modern hotel décor, she looked like she had dropped out of an LA centre-fold magazine.

The Barn Hotel in Ruislip provided a beautiful backdrop. It is a luxury boutique hotel set in three acres of landscaped gardens – and so close to the London wedding ceremony.  The interior is a mix of traditional areas for a sense of decadence and sleek modern lines.  With 73 bedrooms, this was a great place for close family and friends to gather and prepare.  

If you want to eat well, then The Barn Hotel is a great place to stay before your London wedding.  The Jacobean restaurant Hawtrey’s serves classic French cuisine.

Watching the couple prepare and seeing the attentiveness of staff and management, with those small personal touches, makes it easy to see why this hotel comes so highly recommended.  It provided the backdrop for the perfect preparation for a special day.

The Wedding Ceremony

The classic lines of the vintage cars made for some fantastic images, as the couple made their way to the church.  A car can add important texture to the story of a wedding day and give that sense of luxury that marked the whole of this day.  The couple were more than happy to make a feature out of the car, and some of the best wedding photographs came from the couple laughing together in this intimate setting.

The ceremony was held in Our Lady of Lourdes and St Michael in Uxbridge.  Catholic churches are always a pleasure to photograph, with the opulence of windows and wall hangings, and the gold of the altar and surroundings.  With the whites of the clothes of the couple, the vibrant background was an exquisite contrast to the sleek sophistication of the soon-to-be-married.

Even though this church is only 15 minutes from central London, there was so much opportunity to take some private moments with the couple.  The grounds of the church offered a landscape of trees and lawns, which made it feel as if we were deep in rural England.

The Wedding Reception

Stockley Park Golf Club in Uxbridge made the reception room magical, with delicate decoration and lighting, you were transported to a different world of romance.  The traditional dancing with the vibrant reds of the costume was a delight to capture in this delicate backdrop.  The celebratory dance looked full of the joy that characterised the emotions as this day moved towards the party.

The archway of white and pink flowers and white aisle of carpet provided the most fantastic set for the arrival of the couple – and the first dance on the glossy white dance floor – amazing.  Just look at how Zuzana and Larreo look at each other in these photographs, and you can also see how the intimacy of the venue drew friends and family into this significant moment.

It was all fun and games at the reception, and this was a genuine celebration of a coming together.  It was definitely one of the more fun events for this wedding photographer, London or anywhere else in the world.  Plate smashing, sparklers and the most vibrant smiles.