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Wedding Destination!

The choice of wedding destination is truly an endless subject and I can only speak from the perspective of a wedding photographer.

If you decide to have your dream wedding abroad — usually it's a sunny part of Europe,  Spain,  Italy, Portugal, Greece, but no matter which of these you choose the scenario will be the same. 

You will have 3 choices on how you can organise your photographer for your wedding day.

Engaged couple on cliff, by seaside, Cyprus, blue sky.

1 — If you choose a hotel, they will often have space for the ceremony by the sea, along with a reception room and of course rooms for your guests. They will also offer you a photographer as part of the package and in some cases they will insist on this. From my personal work on destination weddings, where I have met locals photographers, it's seems that in many cases the rate of pay from the hotels is very low, and of course you can imagine this price may well be reflected in the quality of both pictures and retouching level. Another important consideration is,  once your wedding is over it is the very time that the second important part of producing the photographs begins. Imagine if you do not receive your pictures on time, or you are not happy about the quantity, or the colour, or you want some extra retouching.  It's much easier to communicate directly with the photographer and even better if he is from your own country. If you have a hotel package  you will not have the photographer’s personal details, you will be sent your photos and there  will be no chance for further discussion.

Wedding couple posing by tree. Italy, white dress, sunny day.

2 — You decided to have your wedding abroad and find a local photographer yourself.  I believe this is better than the first scenario, you can face time with them before your wedding. You will have all of their details and you can even sign a contract with them. A good wedding  photographer will cost you, again price often equals quality. However you still may face the same problems as mentioned above. If your photographs arrive late or you are not happy with any aspect of your them it may be hard to communicate with the photographer and they may not be interested in carrying out any further work or adjustments to you photographs. A written contract may not be worth much when you need to travel home and fight the dispute from another country and another legal system!

Wedding couple by seaside, sunset, beach, Cyprus, yellow sand.

3- You decide to get married abroad but are going to use a wedding photographer from your own country and possibly someone who is very local to you. Someone who can travel on your wedding day and provide your service. In the long run this will not necessarily cost you a lot more. As preparations take place a year before the big day,  it will give you the chance of a pre wedding meeting face to face with the photographer with  full communication about all aspects of your photographs. Furthermore, if you sign a contract  you are covered by the law in your country  if anything goes wrong. So, at the end of the day the extra cost of a flight ticket and two nights in a hotel (usually in my experience about £200) may turn out to be money well spent. 

Now you know all, your choice, your wedding! 

Wedded couple by seaside on sunset. Holding hands, siluets.