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Wedding flowers!

Wedding flowers You can have a small wedding or big wedding, fancy car or taxi, but no wedding would be complete without the traditional wedding bouquet. A brides’ preparation starts with pictures of her shoes, dress, rings and of course flowers. 

They will be in half of the wedding photographs. In my experience as a wedding photographer, I have found that the tradition of tossing the bouquet results in an interesting and amusing variety of pictures. — funny moments, wonderful facial expressions, unexpected reactions — so I would definitely recommend that you follow this tradition. 

Some brides prefer tokeep their bouquet, well of course it's up to you, but think, in a few days nothing will be left of that beautiful bouquet apart from dry owers. How often do most people have time to look even at their wedding album, let alone #nding the box to look at the bouquet? 

Abandon your fears of parting with your bouquet, throw it as high and as far as you can and enjoy that funny moment when all your bridesmaids and female guests will abandon decorum, and scramble to be the one to get that prized possession!