Wedding In Cyprus Photos

Passion in Paphos.

Cyprus for your destination wedding.

Choosing Cyprus for the wedding meant 28 degrees heat and an endless blue sky.  It is the place that inspired the poet Malenis to describe it as “a golden green leaf thrown into the Sea.”  It is a small island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, and is known for its wines and produce, its mineral wealth.  Its history spans over ten thousand years, meaning it is by far the oldest civilisation in the area.  Your wedding will have the backdrop of mountains, vineyard covered valleys, and endless white beaches.

The city of Paphos for a perfect wedding photoshoot.

Choosing Paphos meant the wedding photoshoot was crowned by a glorious walk along the beach, from the fine sanded beach over the causeway and looking out to sea as the sun set.  Paphos is palm trees, ancient necropolis and Roman mosaics –the beautiful rocks and cliffs – the subtropical climate.   

As a wedding photographer, it is the quality of the light that draws you to this city.  The reflection from the sea, the white cliffs, which dims to a pink glow as the day drew to end.  Finding the romance in Paphos is easy.

From the bride’s morning to the reception.

This was a full day wedding, from early morning preparations through to dancing until midnight.  It was a privilege to be a part of the preparations with Naomi in the bride’s morning.  The giggling and the nerves, the dresses, the make-up, the champagne – a favourite part of any wedding photoshoot.  

The men prepared nervously, Lindsey especially, with the careful fitting of cufflinks, a spray of aftershave – a wedding photo shoot is about capturing those precious moments that say something of the emotion of the day.

The Alexander the Great Hotel is on the coast. As the bride and groom took their vows, they were backed by a view of the Mediterranean Sea far out to the horizon. The ceremony was followed by some fun photos by the hotel, as friends and family relaxed and celebrated the coming together of the couple.  The bride and the groom laughing, with the stunning backdrop of white buildings and palm trees. 

The trip to the beach was exceptional.  It was a chance to capture some candid moments and some of those classic poses that demonstrate the love between this wonderful couple.  Paphos is a mixture of tranquil beauty and more rugged outcrops of rocks.  It was amazing as a wedding photographer to have the chance to capture these moments – and also steer clear of falling in the sea – I was glad of that too – always a danger when you are backing up and clicking away!

The day moved from the church to the hotel.  This is the time when you become like a ninja, you dodge and dart around while appearing not to be there at all.  It was lovely to capture the emotions of the speeches, tell the story of the families that had come together.  Then, the cutting of the cake. And, then the dinner and the dancing until the belle of the ball called a halt to events before the bells of the church rang midnight, like all good fairy tales.

Bride and Groom meet at the church.

A special moment was captured at St Nicholas Church.  Although not the site of the ceremony, which took place at the hotel, this unique moment in an area of such religious beauty was a special, private moment between the couple.  The wedding photo shoot at the church produce some of the most stunning photographs.  No nation does architecture, and art like the Cypriotes – the Renaissance painting of the ceiling of St Nichola Church could not be more impressive. 

The church is right on the beach, with white walls that glow and domed roofs slicing the brilliant blue sky.  This Greek Orthodox Chapel was too much to resist and added an extra intimacy to this wedding photoshoot.  

Sometimes as a wedding photographer it is essential to find a way to get the couple alone, to celebrate the love they share.  This was no different for Naomi and Lindsey, whose love came alive in this stunning setting.