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Wedding music!

So your preparation, driving to register, legal part, group photoshoot is over, you feel tired, hungry, maybe shoes not comfortable, I am sure a few things went not like you planned, a few surprises, never mind, it's very relaxing and funny part of the wedding starts, when you don't have to run, be late or on time, orginaze all your unorganized guest to come together for a wedding group shot. I am afraid it's not over!

 Your  stress isn't over , in front of you bride and groom  first dance, bigest battle as man can have for your husband and your panic if he is going to do everything you were practicing for a long time. It's a music part. Music will play on background of your dinner time, music will be till the end of your wedding day. 

Photographer don't care about music untill it's time for everyone to dance, why? Because your first dance going to be all about emotions and love — it can't get wrong, it's going to be beautiful. But rest what you will see on your pictures depends of music. 

Not everyone braiv enough to jump and dance, but if you choose a good DJ, you think about songs list, you talk to him and come with a best music what is possible to pic up even your 80 year old nana — you will have pictures wich will make you laugh every year. You will have 30 or 200 wedding  guest, all of them different age and preferences, you have to find golden middle for them to at list ones jump and dance as it's last time!